Here’s What I Found Out about Recycling Deodorant Containers?

As an environmentally conscious individual, I often find myself pondering over the recyclability of everyday items. One such item that frequently comes to mind is the deodorant container. So, can you recycle deodorant containers? The answer isn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or no.

In this article, we’ll delve into the complexities of recycling deodorant containers, the challenges involved, and how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Understanding Deodorant Container Materials

Understanding Deodorant Container Materials

Plastic Components

Most deodorant containers are made from various types of plastics. These can range from polyethylene (PE) to polypropylene (PP), which are often marked with resin identification codes #2 and #5, respectively. While these plastics are generally recyclable, the shape and form of deodorant containers can pose a challenge for recycling facilities.

Metal Parts

Some deodorant containers incorporate metal elements, such as springs or ball mechanisms in roll-ons. These metals can be recyclable, but they need to be separated from the plastic parts, which is not always an easy task for consumers or recycling centers.

Labeling and Adhesives

The labels and adhesives used on deodorant containers can also hinder the recycling process. The glue that holds the labels in place may contaminate the recycling stream, and the labels themselves might not be made of recyclable materials.

Can You Recycle Deodorant Containers?

The majority of deodorants are manufactured with plastic components, including the container, cap, and roll-on ball. Upon depletion, please dispose of the entire plastic container in general waste. It should be noted that none of the parts of a plastic deodorant package are recyclable.

Challenges in Recycling Deodorant Containers

Challenges in Recycling Deodorant Containers

Separation of Materials

One of the main challenges in recycling deodorant containers is the need to separate different materials. Many containers have a combination of plastic and metal parts, which must be disassembled before they can be processed properly.

Contamination with Product Residue

Another issue is the residue left from the deodorant product. Containers must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination, which can be a tedious process for consumers and may not be feasible for all recycling facilities.

Local Recycling Program Limitations

Recycling capabilities can vary greatly depending on where you live. Some local recycling programs may not accept deodorant containers at all, while others have specific guidelines on how they should be prepared for recycling.

How to Prepare Deodorant Containers for Recycling

How to Prepare Deodorant Containers for Recycling

Cleaning and Removing Residue

To prepare deodorant containers for recycling, it’s essential to clean them thoroughly to remove any product residue. This can be done by rinsing the container with warm water and soap.

Disassembling Mixed Materials

If the container has mixed materials, try to disassemble it as much as possible. Remove any metal parts from the plastic components to ensure that each material can be recycled correctly.

Checking with Local Recycling Guidelines

Always check with your local recycling program for specific instructions. They can provide guidance on whether deodorant containers are accepted and how they should be prepared.

Alternative Recycling Options

Mail-Back Programs

If your local facility does not accept deodorant containers, look for mail-back programs. Some brands offer these programs, allowing you to send back containers for proper recycling.

Specialized Recycling Centers

Specialized recycling centers may accept deodorant containers and have the necessary equipment to handle them. Research centers in your area to find out if this is an option.

TerraCycle Programs

TerraCycle is known for recycling hard-to-recycle materials. They offer programs for deodorant containers, ensuring that the materials are repurposed correctly.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Choosing Refillable Deodorant Containers

To reduce waste, consider choosing refillable deodorant containers. These containers can be used multiple times, significantly cutting down on plastic waste.

Supporting Brands with Sustainable Packaging

Support brands that use sustainable packaging. Many companies are now offering deodorant in containers made from recycled materials or designed to be recyclable.

DIY Deodorant Solutions

For those who are crafty, DIY deodorant solutions can be an excellent way to avoid packaging waste altogether. Homemade deodorants can be stored in reusable containers, reducing the need for recycling.


In conclusion, while recycling deodorant containers can be challenging, it’s not impossible. By understanding the materials involved, preparing containers properly, and exploring alternative recycling options, we can make a significant impact on the environment. Let’s commit to responsible recycling practices and support sustainable solutions to ensure a greener future.


  • What can I do with empty deodorant containers?

    If the container doesn’t have a symbol, you can also find more information on the deodorant company’s website. Keep in mind that some parts of the container might be recyclable, while others aren’t. If this is the case, you can disassemble the empty deodorant tube and recycle the parts that your local facility accepts.

  • Why are deodorant containers not recyclable?

    Because they are made from two plastic resin types. Most recyclable plastics are made from one resin, which can be identified by the plastic recycling number on the bottom of the container to find out what each of those numbers means). Recycling two resin plastics has simply not been a cost effective process.

  • Can you recycle sure deodorant containers?

    Recycling our aerosol cans Our whole range of antiperspirant deodorants can be collected and recycled by the majority of UK councils. And thanks to our work with Alupro – a not-for-profit organisation specialising in aluminium packaging – we’ve also helped increase awareness around recycling aerosols.

  • Can Old Spice deodorant containers be recycled?

    Following the success of that limited-edition pilot, both brands are expanding this offering nationwide with an aluminum free deodorant formula. Featuring a signature push-pop design, these innovative paper tubes are fully recyclable.