The application of digital technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) such as computer vision, machine learning, sensor arrays, robotics, biometrics, and remote sensing in the food and beverage industries has been of higher interest in recent years. The latter aids in developing rapid and cost-effective techniques for the processing and assessment of final products. In fermented foods, the implementation of these novel technologies is becoming more critical, especially for monitoring the production and fermentation process and the quality and acceptability of final products.

This Special Issue focuses on scientific reports and high-quality papers based on the development and application of digital technologies in the field of fermented foods, including monitoring, the improvement of processing performance, product quality, and acceptability. Submissions may be related to the assessment of parameters such as physicochemical features, the development of volatile compounds such as those pertaining to aromas, carbon dioxide production and release, chemical fingerprinting, and sensory profiles from trained panels or consumer tests. It is highly encouraged that authors incorporate research content that includes the automation and integration of these technologies using artificial intelligence and Digital Twins in the final product and along the production chain.

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