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Dear Colleagues,

Recent digital developments in food, beverage, and packaging analysis have been focused on using contactless sensors, such as remote sensing and biometrics, to assess the quality traits of produces, detect packaging defects during the production process, and understand perception through sensory analysis based on consumer biometrics. The implementation of these novel techniques is aiding the food, beverage, and packaging industries in the rapid, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable evaluation and assessment of products at any stage of the production chain for the early detection of potential faults within the process and consumer evaluation of the final product and packaging.

This Special Issue will bring together high-quality papers focused on these technologies and their applications in the food and beverage industries, including packaging assessments. These contactless sensors incorporate electronic noses and tongues, the use of infrared thermal cameras, UV-Vis, mid- and near-infrared spectroscopy, and computer vision analysis, among others. These technologies may be applied to assess food, beverages, and packaging quality traits such as sensory attributes, physicochemical components, nutritional values, and defects, at any stage in the production chain, which aid in the quality assessment of products.

Dr. Claudia Gonzalez Viejo
Dr. Sigfredo Fuentes
Dr. Damir Torrico
Guest Editors