Sensors 1

For the application of sensor technology and sensor networks in Agriculture, systems will need to provide an automated and integrated set of tools capable of standardising the key components of aerial and ground sensor data processing. What this results in is near-real-time distribution of monitored aspects (e.g. soil-plants), and the atmospheric factors for data mapping and its delivery via mobile devices/apps.

Thus, if topics such as:

  • New sensor development and applications for agriculture and forestry trials;
  • Sensor network development, data transmission, self-healing & redundancy considerations;
  • Machine learning modelling for geospatial information targeting agricultural decision making criteria;
  • Remote sensing using UAVs with sensor network technology;
  • Visualisation systems and software platforms to integrate sensor networks for decision making processes;
  • Low-cost smart sensors for agriculture; and
  • Development of integrated models with sensor networks and applications in agriculture and forestry environments;

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And as the Guest Editors of the sensors Journal Special Issue: Emerging Sensor Technology in Agriculture highlights:

In order to be successful in overcoming the effects of climate change, and to remain competitive and sustainable as a country in the agricultural sector, there is a need to acknowledge these challenges and support research and applications in the development of new and emerging sensor technologies and their applications in agriculture.

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