The Vineyard of the Future (VoF) initiative has won the first project presented in Chile (FONDEF – IDEAS). The project is entitled:

“Development of a mobile system to generate thermal maps from crops to optimise irrigation scheduling”

mobil map
University of Talca (Chile): Dr Carlos Poblete and Dr Claudio Balbontin
University of Melbourne (Australia): Dr Sigfredo Fuentes
University of La Rioja (Spain): Prof. Javier Tardaguila
General objective: 
To develop an integrated device to obtain thermal maps using a mobile system that will capture spatial variability of water status within crops
Specific objectives:
  • To integrate infrared thermal sensors, GPS technology and automated data collection on board a terrestrial mobile system
  • To conduct field work in vineyards to acquire thermal data, plant water potential, soil water content and gas exchange data
  • To generate thermal maps showing the spatial distribution of temperatures within the field and associated plant water stress indices estimated using established algorithms
  • To develop an on-line SIG system for growers to visualise and interpret thermal maps to manage irrigation scheduling more efficiently
Funding: 2013-2017.
Total Funding: AUD$400K